We use over 160 year old traditions and methods, 4,864 miles from their birthplace in Naples, Italy. The
Margherita pizza owes its name to Italy’s Queen Margherita who in 1889 visited Naples. The Pizzaioli (pizza
maker) created a pizza for the Queen that contained the three colors of the new Italian flag. The red of the
tomato, white of the mozzarella and fresh green basil was a hit with the Queen and the rest of the world.
Neapolitan style pizza had now spread throughout Italy and each region started designing their own
versions based on the Italian culinary rule of fresh, local ingredients.

It Starts


Flour – Extra fine “00” Caputo flour imported from Italy, this flour helps give the dough a smooth creamy texture when mixing and great flavor after the bake.

Which Creates


Dough – Our vintage starter dough provides the foundation of flavor for all the pizza dough and breads. This starter is living, growing dough that we feed every day with flour and water. Much like a fine wine or cheese, as it grows older it acquires more and more flavor; it is a process that cannot be rushed. All our dough and bread recipes begin by adding a portion of this starter. Each batch is then aged for three days before being used in production.

Add Fresh


Tomatoes – One of the things that make Neapolitan pizzas the best in Italy is the tomato. For generations, only tomatoes from the San Marzano region of Italy have been used in sauces. These tomatoes are grown at the foothill of MT Vesuvius right in the volcanic ash. We use a simple mixture of basil and sea salt according to traditional Neapolitan style

A Sprinkle


Sea Salt – We use only all natural, course ground, sea
salt from the Mediterranean Sea, which provides a
great flavor and a little bit of crunch.

Dizzle it to add


Olive Oil – Extra virgin cold pressed Italian olive oil
gives depth to the pizza and intensifies our sauces.

Everybody loves fresh pasta!
Homemade fresh pasta is by far an art. Legend has it that it was invented by humorist Augusto Majani in
1931. But the reality it was created by a cook from Bentivoglio, Bologna, Maestro Zafirano. He is know for
creating a special new pasta called Tagliatelle for the marrige of Lucrezia Borgia and the Duke of Ferrara in
The sfoglia a woman who makes pasta dough is the iconic images in pasta traditions. The sfoglia would
cut each noodle to perfection for pasta dishes like fettucini, tagliatelle, papardelle and more. They would
do all this by hand. This art of pasta making is a part of the cultural heritage in Italy.

Locally Sourced


Our eggs are gathered from a local farm right here in
New York. They work hard to ensure that each egg
used is in perfect shape to serve to our customers.

A Trip to


We use an imported pasta maker to do the heavy
lifting on our most requested dishes. On specialty
pastas we still us the sfoglia style.

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